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“I am a general dentist who has practiced in Cary, NC for more than 20 years. Despite the distance from my office, Dr. Andrew Wells is my first orthodontic referral choice for my patients. Besides being exceptionally talented, he is a genuinely nice person who truly cares about his patients. His attention to detail in terms of band adaptation and occlusion is the best I have ever seen. He completed a complex two-phase treatment for my oldest son, and the final result was absolutely beautiful! Currently, he is treating my 14-year-old son. Without exception, every single patient I have referred to Dr. Wells for orthodontic care has achieved an exceptional result. Although I have many orthodontists in much closer proximity to my office than Dr. Wells, my wife and I never thought about having anyone else provide care for our sons. He is just the best!!” — Mark J. Andrews, DDS

“I just had to let you know that this past week I had two of your patients who are also my patients come to my office for their recall visit. Both patients had had orthodontics in previous years. I wanted you to know that when I rounded the corner of the hallway and turned into the room I was so thrilled to see their faces. There was a relaxed, beautiful expression on them. I know that may sound a little odd, but we dentists look at faces all day long. Orthodontics, if done correctly, does not just straighten teeth, it places them in harmony with joints and muscles.

“I tell people all the time that it is easy to find an orthodontist who straightens teeth. It is quite rare to find an orthodontist that takes the time to place teeth in harmony with all the structures in our head so that it works beautifully and functionally.

“Thank you for being concerned about the details. Thank you for being diligent in what you do. It makes a big difference in a person’s life. Seeing two happy, relaxed faces when they had had such trouble as a result of previous poor orthodontics made my week this week! Thank you so much for all you do for me and for my patients.

“Please thank your staff also, for we both know we could not do anything well without the support, dedication, and love of those we work beside every day.

“P.S. I love the beautiful smiles that you have helped bring out in my daughters ... Thanks!” — David Hall, DDS

“Dr. Wells and his highly skilled staff are as professional and friendly today as they were during my first appointment 16 years ago. Upon the recommendation of my dentist, I visited their office seeking treatment to correct several dental issues, including crooked teeth and TMJ, and I could not be happier with the final result, so much so in fact that I am currently trusting the orthodontic care of two daughters to Wells Orthodontics.

“Dr. Wells and his team understand that each patient and each situation is different. They are addressing the unique orthodontic need of my daughters by utilizing the most effective technology and techniques available in dental care today. More importantly, Dr. Wells has worked with me and my family to integrate treatment options and timing into my family’s needs, including early braces for TMJ prevention, ongoing care while overseas on assignment, and treatment completion in time for my daughter’s senior prom.

“With a sustained focus on the best long-term outcome, Wells Orthodontics continues to provide my family the personalized care needed to ensure three beautiful, healthy smiles.” — The Wiltse Family

“Both of my children have had their orthodontic work done by Dr. Wells, and he has corrected my jaw alignment problems.

“Dr. Wells and all of his wonderful staff treat us like family. They do not overbook, they have always had plenty of time for us, and when we need to be seen immediately, they can work us in. Dr. Wells even came straight from the airport (with his wife and children) to meet us at the office on a Sunday when a wire broke on my daughter’s braces. He and his staff make us feel like we are their only patients. They are consistently cheerful and upbeat, and the office is an open, inviting, and comfortable space. This combination makes for a soothing emotional climate and stress-free orthodontic procedures.

“They also worked with us on financing. We came up with our own customized payment plan (to take advantage of our Flex Spending Account), and they had no problem with that. We shopped around before deciding on Dr. Wells and found out that his prices for the braces are about the same as those at the other practices.

“The entire staff is technically competent, friendly, fun, and confidence-inspiring! We don’t see a new person every time we go; we like knowing the people we are going to see there, and the fact that everyone who works there has been there for years says something very positive about their orthodontic team!!” — The Clarkson Family

“Yikes!! Adults with braces! Dr. Wells and his wonderful staff of Devan, Pam, Shelley, Jena, Alice, and Regina have supported and guided us on the two-year journey together. They describe the process and answer all our questions. Since we see them every five to six weeks, it has been fun getting to know them. They are a caring, nurturing staff!!” — Karen and Joe Bearden

“We have had four family members who have been patients of Wells Orthodontics. Everyone has been pleased with the entire staff and what an incredible job they did making beautiful smiles for our family. We would highly recommend Wells Orthodontics if you want your teeth to look perfect forever!” — Bill and Cindy Wagner

“I have Invisalign® and love the results so far. I’ve only had them since November but have seen a BIG difference already! I have gotten so many compliments on my teeth as well as my smile! And it’s not just the product — the customer service is phenomenal. Every visit, I receive such great care from Dr. Wells and his team. Every time I receive a compliment or ask where I go, I always tell them how wonderful and how satisfied I am with Dr. Wells. Highly recommend.” — Samantha Taylor

“Had a wonderful appointment to discuss Invisalign and loved seeing the staff (the same team that was there when both my children got their braces). I’m looking forward to perfecting my smile!!” — Margot Murphy

“First started going to this practice for my son when he was in middle school, before Dr. Wells purchased it. My son returned, at age 24, because he had stopped wearing his retainer and his teeth were moving back to where they were originally. When he came home and showed me the Invisalign braces, I decided to go in for a consult myself. As soon as I walked in the door, I was treated like family; all of the original staff were still there and had not forgotten me!!! I’m now a client and look forward to my visits; what a beautiful new office and the same sweet people there to greet me!!!” — Kim Shope

“I contemplated having the space between my teeth removed for years. As I got older, the space between my two front teeth seemed to be getting wider. I took some professional photos and was not pleased with my smile. I was at a crossroad because I felt I was too old to wear braces. I searched the Web and was impressed with Dr. Wells’s credentials. I made an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Wells recommended Invisalign correctors. I took the recommendation, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I wore them for approximately 18 months. On each visit, his staff was very nice and polite. His office has a very friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Wells as a very knowledgeable and skilled orthodontist.” — Robin Johnson

“Dr. Andrew Wells and his staff are family! They are a friendly, caring, extremely skilled team of people who only do their very best for each and every patient. I have been a dental assistant for 27 years, and I would not think of trusting anyone but Dr. Andrew Wells and his staff with my children and my orthodontic needs. I just received my lower lingual bonded retainer this week after slight correction, and my 13-year-old daughter has completed her fourth month of traditional braces. I had great results from Invisalign and Dr. Wells will track me for the rest of my life.” — Debby Smith

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