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Why have Orthodontic Treatment?

To correct improperly positioned teeth, because you deserve to have the smile you’ve always wanted.

How Long does Treatment Last?

Treatment time typically lasts between 12 – 36 months. Once started, you must continue all the way until your treatment ends to obtain the desired results.

Achieving Results

When using products from GC Orthodontics, your orthodontist is confident that he is offering treatments of superior quality that help achieve the best treat - ment results possible, while still providing the highest level of comfort for each patient.

How Does a Self-Ligating Appliance Work?

Three key elements are needed, which when used together create a high performance self-ligating appliance:

  • Bracket - Bonded to the teeth, it acts as a guide to achieve ideal teeth alignment at the end of treatment.
  • Archwire - Is the appliance’s motor, the archwire is inserted into the bracket, gently moving the teeth until they reach their predicted position. To facilitate movement, the archwire is replaced several times over the course of treatment.
  • Clip – Exclusively used in self-ligating brackets, the clip holds the archwire into place in the bracket’s slot.

EXPERIENCE Metal and EXPERIENCE Ceramic: the new generation in self-ligating fixed appliances.

  • Aesthetics: Changing from elastic ties to a rhodium coated metal clip keeps the appliance discreet and clean, even when appointments are less frequent.
  • Comfort: This new technology offers your Orthodontist the ability to use lighter forces, for the same result Appointments are generally less frequent, without any lengthening of the global treatment duration. Less need for trips to the office.
  • Hygiene: The absence of any elastomeric ligature around the bracket decreases the bacterial count around the appliance. This reduces the risk of gingivitis and of spots on the teeth. When wearing braces, a very good oral hygiene is mandatory; teeth must be brushed after every meal.

Metal or Ceramic?

Thanks to their small size and their ever-clean aspect (no ligature), Experience Metal appliances are discreet and comfortable.

In order to make your appliance even more aesthetic, your Orthodontist can propose EXPERIENCE Ceramic. These translucent attachments are close to invisible. The metal part (clip) is whitened to give your entire appliance a «tooth-like» color. In some cases, ceramic attachments are not recommended.

Your Orthodontist will tell you.

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