iTero® Element™ Digital Impressions
in Raleigh, NC

itero element

Wells Orthodontics is a Digital Imaging Practice: Proud Owners of an iTero Element Intraoral Scanner

The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner uses completely safe optical scanning technology to capture a 3D digital image of your teeth and bite. This technology eliminates the need for uncomfortable traditional diagnostic impressions. Scans are perfected in real time, and files are wirelessly transmitted for diagnosis, treatment planning, or Invisalign® fabrication.

iTero makes a great first impression!

The iTero Element uses harmless visible light optical scan technology to record a digital image of the teeth and bite. It captures 6000 frames per second for high speed, high-quality digital images. It also allows immediate viewing of the 3D models in real time.

Say “goodbye” to the goop-filled impression trays!

iTero digital impressions are more accurate than traditional impressions and can be viewed and transmitted anywhere instantly. They are more comfortable to acquire than traditional impressions. Gone are the days of feeling like you can’t breathe or that you might gag on bulky impression material. Digital impressions also allow for instant treatment outcome simulation, so that you can instantly visualize what your crowded teeth might look like when straightened!

Here at Wells Orthodontics, we live by the motto of “Excellence in Orthodontics with Personalized Care.” iTero is an extension of this philosophy, allowing us to offer the highest quality diagnosis and treatment planning possible, delivered in a careful, caring, and comfortable manner.

Call our Raleigh orthodontic office to learn more about iTero Element digital scans! 

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